Using and administrating a variety of Linux distros as a primary operating system since early 2019.

At-home in the terminal, using CLIs daily (e.g. Git, SSH, grep, find).

Experienced in Bash and POSIX-compliant scripting.


Adopted Python as a primary scripting language in Spring 2019.

Automated file management and GUI manipulation in the engineering industry.

Trained TensorFlow gym for game AI. Experienced in test-driven development.

Aced university Python course. Enrolled in data science course.


Experienced with Java, having taken many courses since 2012.

Test-driven development approach while creating different games and mobile applications.

Created graphical applications using Processing.


Using MATLAB and toolkit since taking first course in 2016.

Applied MATLAB for engineering computational methods, systems simulation and analysis, and data visualisation.

Mobile Apps

Created mobile applications in Java, Xamarin, and Dart (Flutter).


Started programming with MIT Scratch.

Self-taught in C, C#, Go, and more!

Hands-on fullstack web development experience.



Alpine Docker image for automatic Minecraft server creation and management.

M E 366J Engineering Design

Using G-code to control a food-based 3D-printer with a Raspberry Pi.

Flutter Firebase Authentication

Stateful Flutter widget wrapper for authentication using Google Firebase.

M E 369P

UT Austin Mechanical Engineering Advising website on Django, with waitlist queue.


Cross-platform wearable application for fitness tracking.

Personal Website

HTML, CSS, JavaScript Website Link
Responsive showcase of projects and work experience.